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About Dr. Silvers

Learn more about Find Your Mind, Dr. Silvers, and how he and his team can help you with a non-invasive treatment.


Neurofeedback re-aligns brainwaves by changing timing and activation patterns in the brain.


There are many scientific articles that back the research of neurofeedback changing people's lives.

Changing The Lives Of Many Individuals

I was very much against therapies that I thought were not proven until I spoke with Dr. Silvers. He took the time and explained to me what this treatment entails so I approached it with the attitude of "no harm done". I was so pleasantly surprised! As a middle aged man suffering from a mood disorder, I desperately needed help so when my wife pointed me in this direction I reluctantly agreed. After my conversation with Dr. Silvers, where he answered all my questions and eased all my worries, the only question remaining was "why didn't you start this sooner!!" Now my son is receiving treatment as well for his anxiety and ADD.

As a busy woman in my early thirties, I was looking for something to help me deal with my anxiety and my sleep issues.  Work was stressful, and being pregnant was overwhelming, and I felt I did not want to risk anything by treating these symptoms with medication. Once I started the neurofeedback, within a few session, I felt that my sleep quality improved, my mood elevated and my anxiety was under control and was subsiding. Being in a relaxing environment and knowing there was medical staff on hand was comforting to me since it was my first experience with such a treatment. I highly recommend this non-invasive therapy for anyone of any age as an option to treat their depression, anxiety or any other symptoms that interfere with daily living and quality of life.

Being a healthcare professional that wears many hats, I have become overwhelmed with many responsibilities. I heard about neurofeedback but initially did not follow through with treatment. Once I started these sessions, I found that I had a much improved clarity of thought, a much sharper focus, and a greater sense of calmness, all within the first week. I highly recommend this form of treatment as I was very much opposed to using antidepressants and other prescription drugs. I am now over a month into my treatment and come occasionally for a "tune-up"