In his research, Dr. Silvers focused solely on articles

that provided scientific proof with randomized studies.

The Growing Scientific Evidence Behind Neurofeedback:

1.  Closed-loop brain training: the science of neurofeedback (Nature Reviews, 2016)


2.  Basic concepts and clinical findings in the treatment of seizure disorders with EEG operant conditioning, (Clin EEG, 2000)              


3.  Efficacy of NFB treatment in ADHD: the effects on inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity: a meta-analysis (Clin EEG Neuro, 2009) 


4.  Effect of NFB training on depression and fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis (Appl Psychophysiol Biofeedback, 2015)


5.  Frontal alpha neurofeedback for the Reduction of Negative Affect and Anxiety (Behav Res Ther, 2017)


6.  Neurofeedback and physical balance in parkinson's patients (Gait & Posture, 2014)


7.  Randomized controlled trial of neurofeedback on chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: a pilot study (Cancer, 2017)


8. Increased alpha-rhythm dynamic range promotes recovery from visuospatial neglect: a NFB study (Neural Plasticity, 2017)


9. The effect of EEG biofeedback on reducing postcancer cognitive impairment (Integr Cancer Ther, 2013)


10. The effectiveness of NFB on cognitive functioning in patients with Alzheimer's disease: preliminary results (Clin Neurophy, 2016)


12.  Neurofeedback training of the upper alpha frequency band in EEG improves cognitive performance (NeuroImage, 2011)


13.  NFB in healthy Elderly Human Subjects with electroencephalographic Risk for Cognitive Disorder, Journal Alz Dis, 2012)


14.  A randomized controlled study of neurofeedback for chronic PTSD (PloS, 2016)


15. NFB intervention in fibromyalgia syndrome; a randomized, controlled, rated blind clinical trial (Appl Psychophysiol BFB, 2010)


16.  Neurofeedback and biofeedback with 37 migraineurs: a clinical outcome study, (Behav Brain Funct 2010).

NY Times Article- Neurofeedback Gains Popularity and Lab Attention













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